Where Worship Meets Fellowship


At ONECHURCH you can expect a group of normal, everyday people who will love you and nurture you towards a personal and life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

We sing a wide array of worship music that is mainly current and new. We use our Bibles every Sunday and each week there is an opportunity for corporate and personal prayer.

Our heart’s desire is that we first meet with Jesus, then we enjoy mutual encouragement and friendship as a family of believers.


Our parking lot is at 1058 Front Street.

We begin Worship at 9:30am On Sundays.

Worship typically lasts about an hour and 15 minutes. 9:30am to 10:45am is our goal.

There will be someone at the doors to welcome you and point you in the right direction but the doors you are looking for are labeled “WORSHIP”.

Worship is our outward expression to God for our inward gratitude for who God is and what He is doing. During ONECHURCH Worship, we sing loud, we pray corporately and privately, we read God’s Word and talk about it through the message.

We have a really laid back, comfortable, come-as-you-are atmosphere here and care more that you would spend time with us. You will find people of all stages and all walks of life who are eager to make you feel a part of this family of believers.

We have a place during Worship and D-Group (which is Bible Study time that follows Worship) for every member of your family. You are welcome to keep your younger children with you but we also have a trained, gifted, and ministry minded group of folks who care for and teach God’s Word to our littles (birth – PreK) during service. We also have a special Bible Study time for K-3rd Grade during the message time of Worship called CLUB 252. Your K-3rd Grader will be with you during the music portion of Worship.