D Groups

Cultivating Faith Through Community

Welcome to D Groups

“D” stands for “discussion.”

D Group offers a dynamic 45-minute session that seamlessly follows our worship service, designed to delve deeper into the day’s message through intentional, small group discussions. Valuing the rich tapestry of relationships and the diverse life experiences each person brings, we aim to weave these unique perspectives with the timeless and transformative truths found in God’s Word.

Scattered across the worship space, each small group is led by a dedicated discussion leader. These leaders, having invested time in prayer and preparation, facilitate conversations that strike the perfect balance between engaging group dialogue and insightful Bible study.

It’s within these intimate gatherings that individuals share not just prayers and reflections, but also life’s joys, challenges, and milestones. Here, amidst heartfelt discussions and shared journeys, the essence of community blossoms.

D Groups are the heart of ONECHURCH, where we transcend being a congregation to become a true family, bound by faith and friendship.