Coffee with Paul

Brew, Drink, Pray, Repeat!

Reflections and Brews

Insights from Paul and the Journey of Hope Roasted Coffee

Come back next week to begin reflextions and brews with Pastor Hudson.

Hope Roasted Coffee

We’ve partnered with RoZark Hills Coffee Roasterie in Rose Bud, Arkansas, to create our exclusive Hope Roasted Coffee. Alongside our staple Guatemalan Breakfast Blend, we’ll introduce a unique flavored coffee each month.

This initiative isn’t about fundraising—it’s a prayer movement. It merges a daily habit, enjoying coffee, with our dedication to ONECHURCH INTERNATIONAL Missions.

Our vision? For you to buy $10 bags of coffee from the Coffee Bar for yourself and your loved ones. As you savor a cup of coffee roasted and packaged in Arkansas, we invite you to pray for our mission connections. Each batch comes with a story from our missions, inspiring you to reflect and possibly even answer a calling to these significant locations.